Seamless Ventilated Set Grey

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Women's high-waist leggings with reinforced bridge, sizes Small and Medium.

Material: Nylon 80% / 20% Spandex

Weight: 0.480 kg

Washing instructions: hand or machine wash, do not bleach, use neutral soap, dry / hang on reverse, do not wring out, they are quick drying.

Extra Description:

The Siry Seamless Set contains a women's high-waist legging made in one piece with only one inside seam that allows you to stay comfortable and move freely during your routine or if you prefer all day, it contains a reinforced bridge to protect sensitive female parts, it also has a long sleeve top with holes in the sleeves that allows you to stretch the top for a better performance in your routine.

This is recommended if you are looking to have a proper compression not so strong, allows you the ventilation of the body due to the holes it contains, firmly compresses abdomen and legs, recommended for any type of sports activity.

Tips for proper use:

Use suitable underwear, avoid that it is too big, that is marked, that deforms your body and much less that this stamped or with lace, if you can use nude colors without seams that tighten you would be excellent, try not to wear clothes of the same color as the legging, because you will cause a contrast between your skin, underwear, legging and it will be noticed.